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ALOHA, and welcome to Katherine of Gayle Weddings! You must be planning a wedding for yourself or for someone else and you are trying to decide where to begin.  Or, you already know what you want but you need someone to help you a little, or a lot.   

Planning your Hawaii Wedding is a dream-come true for many.  With the lush tropical back drops, the sparkling blue ocean, amazing waterfalls, and the spirit of Aloha... there are no limitations of what we can create for you on your wedding day, with exception to the budget.

We love weddings.  As your wedding planner, we will relieve you of the stressful aspects of planning your wedding as they present themselves.  The opportunity of creating a unique experience, full of every aspect you dreamed of, is very rewarding when executed.

Whether planning your Hawaii Wedding or planning your wedding somewhere else, we offer you our services. 

 We are sure you have questions about how our services may be utilized.   We've tried to answer most questions that have been presented to us in the past about our services in the FAQ section; however, if you have a question that has not been addressed please feel free to click on Feedback and ask away.  We will respond to your questions within twenty four hours. 

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